Monday, October 15, 2012

A Retro Gaming Experience

Welcome visitor, to the Hero Battle Arena!

HBA is a local, multi-player, action game adorned with 16-bit, retro-style graphics, for the XBOX 360 platform. As the name suggests, it's a fast-paced, battle arena game where up to 4-players may choose between four different heroes (each with their own unique special attacks and play-styles) and duke it out in various game modes, from versus and co-op, to Zombie War (a wave based zombie survival mode).

The game was created by us, a group of game dev-students (under the name Respawn Studios) from the Swedish University of Skövde as part of our final first-year game project in 2011.
The resulting alpha version of HBA was submitted to compete in the Swedish Game Awards that same year.
It was later nominated for "Game Of The Year", and during the subsequent prize ceremony it finished in third place.

Here you may download the most recent build of the PC-ready beta of the game, and try it our for yourself!
Please feel free to leave feedback and share your thoughts on the game in the comment section below.

Good luck in the Arena!

- The HBA-Team

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